• Check wind speed before heading to beach. Over 15 is gusty and unsecured hats and umbrellas fly on their own.
  • Wear sunscreen – the Sun can be hotter in Florida than what you might be used to.

The Weather

Anna Maria Island
July 18, 2024, 7:17 pm
Overcast clouds
Overcast clouds
Apparent: 104°F
Humidity: 66%
Winds: 9 mph W
Windgusts: 11 mph
Sunrise: 6:46 am
Sunset: 8:27 pm


  • The Trolley is free and runs up and down the island. Download the myStop app for schedule and real-time tracking. The myStop app can be accessed using the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Reserve bikes, kayaks, and golf carts early, they often sell out in busy season.
  • Bikes, to us, are the ideal way to get around the island. There are multiple places to rent bikes nearby, and we provide plenty of outdoor bike storage. Ride your bike to any of the beach access points, and to the shops and restaurants. Most everywhere has a bike rack out front.
  • Use bike lights and walking lights – we provide some at the house for you to use. Reflective clothing is also helpful. No street lights mean you can see the stars but not bikers and pedestrians. 
  • The Monkey Bus will take you to the party, or home from the party, FOR FREE (please generously tip your drivers!). It comes to you (there are no designated bus stops). Just call and schedule a pick up, or you can try and flag it down if you see it out driving around. It runs from 12 noon – 3am, and it looks like a paint store exploded on it so it’s hard to miss. If you do go out and imbibe, please use the Monkey Bus for a safe ride home.


  • Bean Point, where the Gulf of Mexico meets Tampa Bay, is a short walk away. The biodiversity on this beach is unmatched. You will enjoy the large natural beach with dunes, and the manatees, dolphins and birds that share it.
  • A beach cart will make your life easier, and we have them at the house, along with beach chairs and a Sportbrella (a hybrid tent/umbrella that creates great shade).
  • Use a RED beam flashlight for beach walks; they’re turtle friendly and easier on your eyes. We have some at the house for you to use during your stay.
  • If you see staked areas on the beaches, they are turtle nests. Please leave them alone. Check out the Turtle Watch site for other turtle nest dos and don’ts.
  • Dolphins and manatees are in the water all year, but mostly during the warmer months. 
  • Manatees also come into the canals behind the houses. You can identify them by their large shape, and nasal breathing sounds. “No Wake” rules are important to keep them coming back. Please don’t try to feed or interact with them – it’s not good for them, and against Florida law.
  • Modern birds are intelligent and will rifle through your unguarded food if left out at the beach. Funny only when it happens to the person down the beach from you.
  • No dogs on the beach at any time. Their scent scares away beach life, and their presence scares away the birds that everyone comes to see. And the beach sheriff will fine you a hefty sum. We love dogs too; just not on our beaches. Bicycles are also not allowed on the beaches.
  • It’s windier at the beach than at the house, and that wind can be chilly, so toss a long sleeved t-shirt in your beach bag.
  • Everyone heads to the beach for sunset – on a clear day you can see the entire ball of sun fall below the horizon. It takes about a minute, and it’s an experience not to be missed.
  • Use an app to check the tides so you don’t set up too close or too far from the water. Nautide is one we use.



Activities & Day Trips

  • Sunsets are a daily event here on Anna Maria Island. Head to the beach as the sun is setting to join your fellow Islanders in thanking the Sun for another wonderful day, and saying goodnight until tomorrow. You might even see some dolphins out there too. Bean Point is the best place to watch the sunsets.
  • Sundays are the busiest beach days – go early (before 10am) or late (after 4pm) to ensure a good spot
  • Beach Yoga with Island Yoga Space
  • Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium
  • Visit Egmont Key island
  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

We welcome your questions and feedback.

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– Nicole & Greg