Kitchen Get your new dream kitchen done—on time and on budget.

piperbear_kitchen_1 before piperbear_kitchen_1 after
2507 Floyd Ave Web 0022 copy 2507 Floyd Ave unit 2 Web 0047 copy
Screen Shot 2018 11 06 at 9.46.33 PM Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 9.49.42 PM
piperbear_kitchen_3 before piperbear_kitchen_3 after
piperbear_kitchen_2 before piperbear_kitchen_2 after
Kitchen_B4 Kitchen_after
piperbear_kitchen_4 before piperbear_kitchen_4 after
Screen Shot 2018 11 06 at 9.41.24 PM View More: http://saraeastman.pass.us/6513-kensington-ave

Bathroom Let us help you redefine your bath and powder rooms.

piperbear_bathroom_2 before piperbear_bathroom_2 after
piperbear-half-bath_before piperbear-half-bath_after
piperbear_bathroom_1 before piperbear_bathroom_1 after
piperbear-1105-Sunset-Ave-bath_before piperbear-1105-Sunset-Ave-bath_after

Other Spaces We can solve your challenging design projects and get things right the first time.

Kensington Before View More: http://saraeastman.pass.us/6513-kensington-ave
piperbear_living_room_1 before piperbear_living_room_1 after
piperbear_foyer_1 before piperbear_foyer_1 after
Kitchen_Door_b4 Kitchen_Door
piperbear_bedroom_1 before piperbear_bedroom_1 after
piperbear_exterior_1 before piperbear_exterior_1 after
Dining Room_b4 Dining Room_after

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